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Samsung Gear Fit 2 specs on GPS, water resistance and more leak

The Gear Fit2 leaks just keep on coming. Last we saw, the next-gen Samsung tracker was apparently shown off in promotional photos and now it seems like the specs are the latest bit of rumor to pop up.

The biggest feature addition, which was reported before, will be onboard GPS so you can track activities like running without piggybacking off your smartphone GPS.

That also means it’s going to be more of a direct rival for the Microsoft Band 2, which is one of the few fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrids to pack GPS.

Read on to find out what we know so far about the Gear Fit2 features, release date and jump to the specs section to see what rumors are new.

Gear Fit2: The story so far

What looks like a promotional poster (image in full below) for Samsung’s next gen fitness tracker, gives us more of an idea of the features the Fit could be packing.

A closer inspection appears to confirm the new Gear Fit2 colours we reported on previously along with a similar sized screen to the Gear Fit. It looks like you’ll be able to track distance, heart rate, but perhaps more interestingly, have the ability to see mapped routes on the tracker’s screen.

This latest leak comes just a few weeks after the Samsung Gear Fit2 and the Gear IconX wireless earbuds were seemingly confirmed on the company’s own website, along with more official looking images from serial leakster Evan Blass to suggest a launch could be imminent.

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Blass managed to get hold of some pics that suggest the second gen Gear Fit will be available in black, pink and blue options. The revealing images also suggest that the Gear Fit2 will include an altimeter to track elevation. That’s a big deal because you can burn a lot of calories climbing a flight of stairs or running up hilly terrain.

The two new fitness devices were listed as supported accessories for the Korean company’s S Health platform before being taken down. There was nothing in the way of specs, pricing or features, but we did get to see our first official pics.

The Gear Fit2 certainly looks more watch like than its predecessor and appears to feature a new textured strap. The image of the Gear IconX (below) appears to pretty much confirm the leaked images we reported on last week were the real deal.

The Gear IconX is tipped to be a fitness tracker and music player in one minus the trailing wires. It’s expected to feature touch controls and will come with a dust and water resistant design. There’s also going to be 4GB of onboard storage to pile on your music and a charging case to keep them powered on the move.

Gear Fit2: Specs and features

SamMobile says its gotten exclusive confirmation that the Gear Fit2 will sport a 1.55-inch curved Super AMOLED display with a 216 x 432 pixel resolution. The device will be powered by Tizen 2.3 through a Samsung-made 1 GHz, dual-core processor, 512 MB of RAM and have 2GB of onboard space.

IP68 certification is mentioned in the report meaning the Gear Fit2 would be able to withstand 30 minutes under water at depths of 1.5 meters.

Battery life still remains average at 200mAh so you’d get about the usual one to two days of usage before needing to recharge again.

Sensors included are GPS, heart rate sensor, gyroscope, barometer and accelerometer.

Previous to SamMobile’s claims, our first bit of actual evidence that the Gear Fit2 was real came from someone who’s apparently been testing the next gen tracker. Contrary to the new report, this one revealed the the same 1.84-inch curved AMOLED touchscreen will still be in tow. It appears the overall design will be tweaked to make it slightly more curved and ergonomic.

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The first Gear Fit launched in 2014 with its curved AMOLED touchscreen and a built in heart rate monitor while Samsung made the odd decision to use a new RT OS (real time operating system).

Images of the Gear Fit2 recently leaked

Here’s hoping Samsung will actually address some of the biggest issues with its predecessor, which largely revolved around the software and the accuracy of the sensors. The battery life wasn’t great either.

There’s no details on how much the Gear Fit2 is going to cost or when it’s going to launch. The original device launched in February 2014 and latest speculation points to a June release.

We’re also still waiting to hear more about the rumoured Samsung Triathlon budget fitness tracker after images of the device surfaced earlier this year. Clearly Samsung has plenty of wearable tech in development.

Source: SamMobile, VentureBeat, Samsung and hats off to @MttSmll.

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